Canine Animal Enrichment … what we do all day!

Canine Enrichment for Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding (Lynnwood, Wa) – As an owner of a dog daycare I am often asked what we do all day. Do the dogs play? What do they play with? Do they make friends or just sit there? When do you feed them? And the list can go on and on. So much of what we ‘do’ all day is really characteristic of the group of dogs that are physically here visiting at any given time, but there are some similarities day to day. Here is a fun way of looking at our day in an easy to visualize snippet. Remember, each dog is different and whenever someone comes or goes home they group dynamic shifts. Just like you and a group of friends. You have friends you like to shop with or talk with, some may go hiking with you while others offer engaging conversations at dinner. So keep in mind this is a relatively lose breakdown.


We spent a fair amount of each day engaged in canine enrichment. What is canine enrichment? It is our philosophy that your pup needs to stimulate all of their natural senses and be able to feel like a dog. So we use search and discover games to help your pup utilize their olfactory senses and sniff out treats. We offer games and exercises that create development for both mental and physical stimulation. This way your pup gets to really run, play, sniff, taste, hear, paw, see and finally rest all day, every day. That is why our guests are so happy and relaxed. Here, at the LDR we aren’t just petting your pup, we are offering them daily canine enrichment.


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Watch our video about how you can increase animal enrichment in your home!


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