Wedding Trend Alert: Puppy Bouquets

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Dog daycare and pet sitting just became mainstream with a new normal in the world of pets. A fun and furry wedding trend is emerging this season with brides choosing to carry puppies instead of flowers. The way it works is that the bride invites a local shelter to bring along a specified number of puppies for each bridesmaid, groomsmen to carry down the aisle. The pups are averrable for adoption once the pictures and proceeding are complete. Crazy or creative? Apparently it is all the rage. I don't know about you, but I think I would be starting at...

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Top 6 Reasons to Bring You Pup To Dog Daycare …

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Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding (Lynnwood, Wa) We love the question "why bring my dog to daycare" because it opens a conversation that can literally go on forever! There are so many reasons to bring your pup to a quality, clean and well managed dog daycare. Just image you had to stay at your house all day and all night just waiting for the moment your human decided to bring you along for a car ride only to discover you are at ... the vet (or) the groomer. Now, there is nothing wrong with taking your pup to either of...

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First Aid Tips For Your Pup

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Dog daycare and Dog Boarding (Lynnwood, WA) First Aid Tips for Your Pup by Sasha Reinke Hello fellow pup parents. Let face it, it is tough getting a read on your pup sometimes. They act like nothing is wrong until they really feel awful. So, here is an easy to follow diagram showing the basics of first aid at home. Remember, always refer to your vet's recommendations regarding your particular pup, especially if you dog has a preexisting condition. These tip will get you thought the basics.  

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3 Free Desktop Wallpaper Layouts

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Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding (Lynnwood, Wa) 3 Free Desktop Wallpaper Layouts for you to enjoy again and again. Hello fur-friend, here is a super fun freebie to customize your computer desktop compliments of (I do not receive anything for this enforcement, I just really love the graphic tool). Just click onto the link below, it will take you to a separate page to click and start the instant download. Once downloaded, your can go to your 'downloads' page on your computer, right click and save as desktop. It's that simple and that fun! Enjoy. Click to download -->LDR...

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