Sasha, Pack Leader / Owner & Creator

Owner and creator, Sasha oversees daily operations, consultations, welcome interviews and farewell pick-up’s. In addition, she to creating online content, fun dog printable’s and yummy homemade, complimentary treats for all of our guests. I’m a mom or two Little’s and three fur-babes: Mercedes (IG), Haley (Pom) & Bridget (Chi).

I LOVE being creative and busy. When I’m not working with the dogs you can find me creating video’s or designing helpful printable’s. In my down time you can often find me making treats or scouring Pinterest for something neat to create.

In addition to loving little dogs I also love organizing so I created Learn How To Organize TV The Channel That Teaches YOU How To Organize at -> Gain Inspiration, Be Creative & Get Organized. Visit my organizational printable shop at SashaReinke. Where I sell Binder Bundles and everything is just $5!